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        Common problems and solutions in wire harness processing

        There are always some situations in the processing and production of wire harnesses. For example, if the wire harness is stained with tin or the label cannot be stuck, the wire harness will be unqualified. However, with appropriate treatment methods, the scrap rate of wire harness can be reduced and …



        Discussion on "Black Spot" and "Cracking" of Enamelled Wire

        Usually, both manufacturers and users of enameled wire will encounter the sudden "deterioration" of the finished enameled wire. Black spots, brown or brown stains and other defects can be seen on the conductor through the paint film, and quality accidents such as cracking and falling off of the paint…



        Measurement of bare round copper wire diameter

        As we all know, the copper used in the production of wires and cables requires pure copper (purity is generally 99.9% ~ 99.95%), and the conductivity of pure copper is certain. Therefore, in the production process of copper wires, the wire diameter can be guaranteed by controlling the resistance, and…



        Details to be paid attention to during harness installation

        At present, industrial wire and harness are mainly used for medical treatment, automobile and security Financial equipment, etc. customers need to consider some details in the installation process to avoid bad electrical performance and avoid unnecessary safety accidents:1. In order to prevent the te…



        Precautions for harness processing

        The harness is to ensure that the electrical equipment can work normally, especially in the harsh environment. The harness is composed of several parts, including wiring terminals, insulating protective covers and other components. It is necessary to pay attention to the suitability of these raw mate…



        What are the precautions for purchasing wires?

        When purchasing wires, we should not only look at the brand, model, appearance, size and price, but also the material. Only products with qualified materials will not affect the later use. What are the materials of wires? How to buy wires? Lets follow Xiaobian and have a look!What are the materials…

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